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Sometimes insurance gets people confused and we don’t want that. To make things clear, we have answered the most common questions clients asked us over the years.

Does this insurance cover healthcare during pregnancy?

Healthcare in pregnancy which occurs after the waiting period (usually 3 months; please check individual offers) is covered.

If already pregnant when obtaining insurance, a special package for moms-to-be can be purchased.

Is it important to have health insurance for expats?

Medical insurance for foreigners is compulsory while staying in Czech territory. It fulfills requirements set forth by Act No. 326/1999 Coll., on the Residence of Foreign Nationals in the Territory of the Czech Republic.

Comprehensive insurance for foreigners also includes coverage of immediate urgent care provided to the client in case of injury or sudden acute illness while travelling within Schengen Area.

Who is expat insurance meant for?

Insurance for foreigners is intended for foreign nationals who reside in the Czech Republic for extended periods of time while not being citizens of member states of the European Union or employees of companies incorporated in the Czech Republic.

Is this requirement also applicable to foreign students enrolled at Czech schools?

For students who do not hold citizenship of one of EU members, it is compulsory to obtain insurance for foreigners.

How much should I expect to pay for expat insurance?

Premiums in medical insurance for foreigners are variable, determined by each individual company. For a comparison, you can use our Insurance Calculator which will provide free quotes. GET A QUOTE

Which documents are required to visit a hospital or to adjust a claim?

For any insurance claim the following documents have to be provided:

Can clients visit doctors who have not got contract with their chosen insurance company?

Yes they can. Based on the medical report a payment guarantee is issued by a physician reviewer.

It is also possible to request a medical establishment to negotiate a contract with any given insurance company.

Can clients indulge in sports?

Of course, at recreational level only.